Maker, Bart Dare Templeman II

Using reclaimed materials to craft touchable and unique custom pieces that define your space, we know the story of each piece of wood that goes into a dare design.​

Many of our tables and kitchen pieces are crafted from enormous oak planks of flooring salvaged from decommissioned train cars that traveled the rails of the Inland Northwest. You can see the rich history of use in this wood – it is genuinely and naturally distressed, and yet as sturdy as the day it was milled. Sanding and finishing the railcar flooring brings out the natural beauty , flaws and character of the wood. We also incorporate re-purposed Alaskan yellow cedar into our designs – a wood that is known for its beautiful color and incredible strength. We call it “butter wood” because it is so smooth and delicious to work with.



Let us design your next family heirloom with you in mind. We can customize table length and height, color and leg design.


Dare designs pieces are made without nails or screws; joints are carefully constructed using old-world methods for creating pieces of the highest quality and strength.